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Our OSD [outside drive] 300 & 330 swingarm kits allow for the shortest fat tire custom bikes

Custom Suzuki Hayabusa 330 Single Sided Swingarm Kit +4 Over

For those who want a Fat Tire but just don’t want their bike extended long Roaring Toyz has the answer. We worked hard for several years to develop our OSD [outside drive] kit. This kit allows the use of a 300 or 330 wide rear tire without using a jackshaft. This offers many advantages but one of them being a short wheelbase. Our OSD kit allows your swingarm to be as short as +2 over stock while current jackshaft designs require a minimum of +8 over. This means +2, +4 and +6 swingarms are now available for Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX14, Kawasaki ZX10 2011-2015 and Suzuki GSXR 1000 2001-2008 models.

Suzuki Hyabusa 330 Swingarm Kit +2 Over Stock +2 over 330 fat tire swingarm kit OSD on Hayabusa Custom

Our OSD not only allows for a short wheelbase but delivers more horsepower to the rear wheel with more reliability than jackshaft set ups. By running only a single chain like standard motorcycles front the countershaft sprocket to the rear sprocket our wide tire kits drives like normal. The push pull fight of the two chain system found on jackshaft swingarms is eliminated.

2012 Suzuki Hayabusa Custom GSXR Tail 4 Inch Over Single Sided Swingarm 300 Raer Wide Tire KitCustom White Hayabusa 300 Wide Tre SSS +4 Over Black Anodized GSXR 1000 Tail Conversion Kit

Our swingarms are available in standard double sided configuration or our billet single sided set up for an even better look. Our kits do not come cheap but the quality and reliability is worth the cost. Our kits save money time after time. If you have ever owned a jackshaft style swingarm you know. Jackshaft swingarms burn through chains and sprockets at a very fast rate costing $500-800 a whack. Jackshaft set ups are also a huge pain to adjust and maintain.

Suzuki Custom Haybausa +2 Over Chrome 330 swingarm wide tire kitSuzuki Hayabusa 330 +2 Over wide tire osd swingarm kit

Here we have posted pics of several different bikes with our OSD kits set up with short wheel base swingarms. Keep in mind we can build our OSD wide tire swingarm kits in lengths from 2-12 over stock so if you are looking for 8, 10 or 12 inches over we still have you covered.


2008 Custom ZxX14 OSD 330 Wide Tire Conversion Kit - SmallKawasaki ZX14 OSD single chain 300 330 swingarm kit OSD drive plate

Custom Suzuki GSXR 1000 with +2 Over 330 wide tire swingarm kit 300 Paint OSD +2 OverSuzuki GSXR 1000 330 wide tire swingarm Kit =2 over stock OSD


So above you can see a wide variety of custom bikes built using our OSD drive kits to add fat tires while keeping the wheelbase and swingarm short as possible. Great function, optimum reliability and incredible looks all by Roaring Toyz. Give us a call for more info at 941-953-4423


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