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“Minty” Custom Bagger 2010 Streetglide with 30″ Front Wheel Sports Our New Custom Headlight Upper Fairing

Harley Streetglide 30 Inch Front Wheel Air Ride Stretched Bags Tank Fender Upper Fairing Outter HeadlightWhen Robert Barnes first came into our shop a couple years ago he wanted us to trick out his Harley Davidson Streetglide so when he showed up to bike nights and shows he would get attention. At that time 26’s were the big boy wheels and the rest of the custom parts available were a bit tamer than today. He dropped off a deposit and we ordered up parts. Some family problems came up and the project was put on hold. A year and a half later Robert strolled back in the door ready again to make his bike a stand out! Robert had been removed from the bike scene in this time and times had changed. He knew he wanted to surprise his old riding buddies so we sat down and planned out a whole new format for his bike.

Streetglide Custom paint Green Stretched Saddlebags Rear Fender Ipad Inner Upper FairingHarley Streetglide Custom Paint Green Mint 30 Inch Wheel Custom Upper Fairing Nose Sportbike Headlight


We decided to bump the 26″ front wheel and step up to a big 30″ front end conversion kit. We selected the Performance Machine Shock wheel and added dual custom cut to match composite rotors clamped by a set of Chrome Caliper Shells. We attached these components to a set of Chrome Performance Machine Billet Fork Legs covered with matching Chrome Billet Fork Covers. The frame was raked with a short neck rake kit using a trick set of triple trees that are crowned allowing the large 30″ front wheel extra travel while keep the bikes chassis low for that cool look.  Covering up the big 30 inch front tire is our 30 Inch Wrap Front Fender constructed from trick biaxial fiberglass. This fender is more rigid than a steel front fender but lighter, very important on a fender this large as the mounts are a long way from where the fender bolts and other fenders tend to flex too much and rub the tire!

Custom Bagger Saddlebag Speaker Lids with Wheel matching Grills Streetglide Roadglide Roadking ElectraglideHarley Streetglide Electraglide Ipad Inner Fairing Custom Speaker Grills Ape Hanger Handlebars Chrome Billet Ignition Cover CapThe stereo system on this bike has to rock so we planned out a system running 10 speakers with 900 watts of power. A custom 1 Off Creations inner fairing for Ipad Mini and quad speaker saddlebag lids hold 6 Rockford 6 Inch Loud speakers while the inner fairing and bags hold a combo of 4 tweeters to balance the sound. The Ipad Mini sits in front of a Kenwwod head unit that has integration to the stock handlebar controls because having volume and track skipping at your fingertips is a must! We cut custom billet rings to mount wheel matching speaker grills over all the 6 inch speakers for an awesome detailed look!

2010 Custom Harley Streetglide Stretched Rear Fender Saddlebags Model Girls Sexy Green PaintCustom Harley Streetglide Raked 30 Inch Big Wheel Bagger Paint Stretched Upper Tank Saddlebags Fender Side CoversRobert was set on this custom mint green color for paint from day one. We convinced him the bike needed some graphics to break up the green and we went through several renderings before he fell in love! The mint green flake with white pearl graphics was sprayed over an entire custom body. The lead off on this body is our New Custom Headlight Strretglide Upper Fairing. This fairing is built to work with short neck kits allowing space for the extra large wheel to travel up without interference. We use a Kawasaki Z1000 headlight to keep the front narrow and come back with a nice profile more like a sportbike. Give us a call if you like our custom front fairing we now have them in production. In front of the motor sits our custom Steel front chin spoiler. These can be bolted on directly or you can weld them on for a more seamless custom flow. We used the Stretched Look Body Kit tank and flared side covers to give a smooth transition from the gas tank all the way to the stretched down n out saddlebags and rear fender. A custom dash and windshield were added to finish out the body parts.

Chrome Billet Pin Stripe Custom Floorboards Driver Rider Streetglide Roadglide Road King Electraglide Harley TouringRoaring Toyz Billet Custom Chrome Raer Passenger Floorboards Pin Stripe Cut Streetglide Roadglide Road King

Custom Air Cleaner Intake Fast Air Chrome Harley Touring Performance IntakeCustom Streetglide 30 Inch Front Wheel Custom Upper Fairing Headlight Raked Short Neck Trees

No custom bagger is done without adding a ton of detail parts to complete the look. This bike is not done as Robert plans to add many missing accessories. Having said that he chose to run our Roaring Toyz Billet Pin Stripe Custom Floorboards. Our boards front boards are built longer and wider than stock giving more foot room for long rides. We took special attention to cut the design into the bottom side of rear floorboards as they spend more time folded up and look killer with the bottom exposed. Custom foot shift and brake levers were added to compliment our boards. A chrome custom Fast Air performance high flow air filter kit  lets the engine breath.  Robert is now turning heads and winning trophies at the bike shows and is more than happy with the look and ride from this custom Streetglide.

Custom Streetglide Headlight Upper Faring Raked Stetched 30 Inch Wheel Green Paint

We would be happy to build you a custom bagger or to supply you with high quality parts to build you own. Give us a call for parts or questions we are here to help!

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