Custom Kawasaki ZX-10R OSD Swingarm Conversion Kit

April 16, 2013
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April 16, 2013 admin

Custom Kawasaki ZX-10R OSD Swingarm Conversion Kit

Roaring Toyz Custom OSD Swingarm Conversion Kit Now Available for ’11-13 Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja

If you ride a 2011-2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, then now’s your chance to dress it up with a Roaring Toyz  300 or 330 OSD Swingarm Conversion Kit. This exclusive wide tire kit just debuted for the Kawasaki ZX10, and it allows you to add a 300 or 330 rear wheel and tire using only one chain.

The single chain on the Ninja ZX-10 OSD Swingarm is a huge advantage. Take a look at what you gain by having one less chain transferring power to the rear wheel:

  • More power to the ground: One chain conserves power and delivers it to the rear tire.
  • Fewer parts to break: There are no jackshafts to fail, and a single chain will last longer than two chains, which cause excessive chain and sprocket wear.
  • Better throttle response: When you get on and off the throttle, response time is quicker because there’s one less chain involved in the process.
  • Better handling: A jackshaft causes a push/pull effect, which makes steering tricky. A single chain means your bike handles more like a stock ride.
  • Easier maintenance: Caring for the chain on your OSD Swingarm is just as easy as caring for the chain on a stock bike, unlike complicated jackshaft-driven conversion kits.
  • Shorter wheelbase: Going bigger doesn’t have to mean going longer. Unlike jackshaft swingarms, which start at 8 inches over stock, the Roaring Toyz OSD Swingarm Kit has a wheelbase from stock length to 12 inches over.

As if you needed more incentive to put the Roaring Toyz 300 or 330 OSD Swingarm Conversion Kit on your 2011, 2012 or 2013 Kawasaki ZX-10R, you can ride proud knowing that it was designed and manufactured in the USA. The OSD Swingarm kit is made in-house at Roaring Toyz with precision craftsmanship and top-quality materials.


All of the Roaring Toyz OSD Swingarm Conversion Kits come standard with our trick stealth underbracing or tubular underbracing, as well as hidden axle cover plates. You get your choice of black powdercoat, chrome-plated, or raw finishes.

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