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Choosing Swingarm Extensions: A Life or Death Decision

Whether you have a 1998 GSX-R 600 or a 2009 YZF-R1 you can make your motorcycle longer, leaner, and meaner without emptying your wallet for a custom swingarm. Roaring Toyz Bolt On Swingarm Extensions make it possible to extend your factory swingarm 2-7″ over the stock wheelbase and get that incredible custom look for less than $500.

But before you even think of installing this part you need to understand why it’s so important that you choose quality extensions; this choice could save your life.

Swingarm extensions are a major chassis component. What that means is this part effects the structural integrity of your motorcycle. If your aftermarket mirror falls off your motorcycle while you’re travelling 150 mph on the highway you can pull off and you’re not going to be hurt. But if your swingarm extensions fail while travelling your entire motorcycle is going to fall apart and the results will be horrifying for you and your passenger.

So why would your swingarm extensions fail? Because they were made from poor quality materials or were not properly engineered and tested. Cheap swingarm extensions are cheap for a reason: they were produced using inexpensive, low grade material without proper engineering. Strong materials cost money. Engineers and designers cost money. Spending hours testing and re-engineering and machining parts to overcome every single design flaw costs money. So if you are considering purchasing swingarm extensions, and one set costs less than another, ask yourself why?

As a racer and motorcycle fanatic, Robert Fisher understands the importance of well engineered and built parts. Robert has spent ten years testing and engineering Roaring Toyz parts on racebikes and turbo bikes to ensure each part features uncompromising strength, performance and durability. And he has sourced the best material available so you can have complete trust in his products.

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are machined in house in Sarasota, Florida using aircraft grade 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are easy to install and are made to exact specifications so they don’t just look good, they fit. As Robert Fisher explains, fitment is critical safety issue: “If the fitment is sloppy and loose and parts don’t line up properly then your brakes could fail.”

Part of ensuring your extensions are installed properly is ensuring you have all the correct parts. Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are available in a kit containing everything you need to stretch your swingarm. The Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions kit includes a high tensile strength extended chain, Roaring Toyz exclusive stainless steel braided extended brake line, and an option to purchase Roaring Toyz lowering links and lowering kickstand. Stretching the swingarm may require relocation of your rear licence plate so you may wish to throw in the Roaring Toyz rear license plate braket.

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions run exclusively on Ricky Gadson‘s Drag Race School Motorcycles; “I’ve been using Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions exclusively since 2006 and I can tell you that if you don’t want to spend the money on an aftermarket swingarm there is no other option. I’ve gone 1.30 60 foot times in the quarter mile using these extensions and I can assure you they hold up.”

Robert agrees: “I refuse to cut corners because it could result in someone getting seriously injured. I’ve used every resource at my disposal to ensure our Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions perform under the most rigorous conditions. If you purchase your swingarm extensions from another supplier be sure to educate yourself on how those extensions were made. It’s nice to save a few bucks, but do you really want to hang your life on a bargain?”

Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions are available for almost all 96 – 2012 models and are available in raw billet machine finish or black anodized contrast cut finish. Swingarm extension sets (left and right) start at $299 full kits are available for $499.  Save an additional 20% off all Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions and swingarm extension kits when you purchase before December 31, 2011.

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Swingarm Extensions and Lowering Your Motorcycle
When stretching your motorcycle it’s important to know that your bike will also have to be lowered. Robert Fisher explains why:
“People stretch and lower their bike because they either want to drag race it, or they want that long, low drag race look. But some people don’t realize that if you extend your stock swingarm you actually have to install lowering links, even if you intend to maintain the stock ride height. Every motrorcycle has whats called swingarm pivot downslope. This means that the swingarm pivot bolt attaching the swingarm to the main frame sits higher than the rear axel. As you move the rear axel backwards it raises the swingarm pivot and the motorcycle is actually raised up. You need to install lowering links to adjust the bike back to stock ride height.”

The Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions kit comes with an option to purchase Roaring Toyz lowering links and lowering kickstand.

“Our Roaring Toyz lowering links are fully adjustable which is really nice if you want to play around with the height of your motorcycle” explains Fisher. “If you lower your bike, you’re going to need a lowering kickstand as well” Fisher ads. “The last thing you want to see is that gorgeous custom stretched motorcycle hit the pavement because you forgot to install a lowering kickstand to accommodate that new ride height.”

Swingarm extension sets (left and right) start at $299 full kits are available for $499.  Save an additional 20% off all Roaring Toyz swingarm extensions and swingarm extension kits when you purchase before December 31, 2011.

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