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RT 240 Wide Tire Kit Swingarms

Imagine this scenario. You just dropped off your brand new 240 wide tire swingarm conversion kit along with your GSX-R1000 at your local shop for installation. You can’t wait to see the envious stares from local bike night attendees when you roll in on your slick new 240 extended wide tire kit. You’ve barely cleared the driveway when the shops calling you – and they’re furious. They don’t have all the parts to do the install. Where are the correct wheel spacers? Where’s your pivot tube bearings? Why does this  thing not line up correctly? Now you’re picturing rolling into your bike night in your girl’s Honda because the ebay  shop that sold you that cheap swingarm failed to include the parts needed to install it.

Now  you’re cruising down the highway at about 150 mph and life couldn’t be better. You’re on your bike, and after weeks of searching online you finally got all the parts to install that arm kit, and it looks pretty good. Suddenly the swingarm fails or the rear bearings come apart due to bad fitment.

It’s important to save money in difficult economic times, but there are some things that don’t justify compromise. After years of designing and engineering parts, and a full racing career, I can tell you in ugly detail how damaging the failure of a part can be. In fact, half of my scars I earned so you won’t ever experience the pain and heartbreak of going down with your motorcycle when a trick new part breaks because it was made of inferior material or wasn’t properly strength tested.

This is what amazes me: if you have a choice between a tin of quality diced tomatoes from the USA for 90 cents, or a tin of tomatoes from China that might contain lead for 45 cents, there’s no way you’re going to buy the cheaper tomatoes.  If you’re looking for a used car, you wouldn’t get a Ford Pinto, even if it was free and arson is your part time hobby.  Even a Prius might make you think twice; you’re going to do your homework on safety.

But all this common sense evaporates when it comes to motorcycle aftermarket parts. I can’t tell you the number of busted bikes and bones I have seen because someone decided that cheaper was better, even when it comes to purchasing a part that radically alters the structural integrity of your motorcycle.

Take swingarms. The swingarm is arguably one of the most critical components on a motorcycle. We all know what it does – it’s the main fixture of the rear suspension and it holds the rear axle in place while pivoting vertically allowing the suspension to absorb bumps. In other words, it holds your motorcycle together!

Yet time and again we see friends and fellow riders opting to buy an inferior product from ebay or a backwoods shop because it’s cheap. Don’t kid yourself – it’s cheap for a reason and you get what you pay for. The material is low quality and won’t hold up to regular wear and tear, let along rigorous riding. The arm may not be straight, fit right or have the correct swingarm linkage and brake features to work correctly. No strength or endurance testing has been undertaken to ensure it will hold up. Those manufacturers are looking to make a quick buck; if you get hurt in the process, too bad.

You may hesitate to purchase a Roaring Toyz 240 Wide Tire Kit because it’s going to cost you a little more. But what you spend on the front end you’re going to save exponentially on the back end.

Before you make your decision, consider these facts:

  1. Material. You’re swingarm kit is only as strong as the material it’s made from. Roaring Toyz 240 Wide Tire Kits are manufactured from custom extruded reinforced tubular aluminum and aircraft quality Billet Aluminum. The Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm has been measured straight by G.M.D. Computrack to within the tightest of tolerances.
  2. Engineered and tested: Roaring Toyz engineers spend years designing and testing a swingarm before it becomes available to the public. Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm kits are tested on the race track, the drag strip, and the street. They’re machine tested for strength, durability and endurance. Every single part incorporated in our swingarm kit is scrutinized to be the lightest, strongest, most durable, best looking part possible. We spent years building custom bikes using other manufacturer’s products only to find serious faults. We’ve taken all this experience and used it to make the highest quality custom wide tire swingarm kits available!
  3. Product liability. Next time you’re thinking of purchasing a part from that backwoods mom and pop shop that never return your calls, ask them to produce proof of their product liability insurance. They don’t have it. Roaring Toyz has product liability insurance because even after hundreds of hours of testing, nothing is for certain. We stand behind the quality, fitment and safety of all our products. Some shops joke “safety first right after cost”. That’s no joke to Roaring Toyz – you better believe we have product liability insurance because ensuring your safety is always our top priority.
  4. Quality Components. Roaring Toyz Custom 240 Wide Tire Swingarm conversion kits are sold with superior components. Take our wheels for example. We only use Performance Machine forged wheels. The Bentley of custom wheels, Performance Machine wheels are forged from the finest grade material money can buy, and the fitment and tolerances are machined to the tightest and safest standards in the industry.  Over the years I have seen thousands of wheels fail. Bad fitment, bad bearing tolerances, bad or no cush drive assemblies, poor chrome work, crappy powder coat finish and unsafe designs make these wheels lethal to riders. PLEASE pay attention when buying wheels and make sure you get something highly engineered and safe!! You ride a sportbike and will probably be going 100MPH or more at some point, and every product we sell is designed to look great, perform under pressure, and last.
  5. Complete kits. When you buy a Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm Kit you get everything you need – everything! No searching around trying to find spacers after your bike is on the lift. No nasty surprises from your local shop because they sold you the extra parts at double the cost. The Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm Kits come with absolutely everything you need:
    1. Custom Swingarm Extended to length of your choice from 2-14″over stock wheelbase
    2. Performance Machine or R.C. Components Custom Forged Aluminum Billet 17×3.5 Front & 18×8.5 Rear Wheels
    3. Strong Steel Rear sprocket size of your choice
    4. Offset Front Sprocket
    5. XXL 240MM Wide Rear Tire
    6. Heavy Duty X-Ring Extended Chain
    7. Extended Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line
    8. Custom Machined Nitrade Coated Rear Axle
    9. Rear wheel spacers
    10. New swingarm bearings (as required)
    11. All Nuts, Bolts and Hardware needed for Installation
    12. Billet rear brake caliper hanger
    13. Rear Brake Line Clamps
    14. Custom Radial Mount Rear Brake Kit on models that require replacement

Next time you think about buying that cheap swingarm, ask yourself if you would buy that cheap Pinto. Now imagine buying that Pinto and realizing the seats and wheels aren’t included. Have I made my point? Roaring Toyz 240 Swingarm kits make your bike look incredible. But far more important – our kits are going to hold up, perform well, and keep you safe no matter how hard you ride.

Roaring Toyz manufacturers 240 Swingarm Kits for every popular make and model of sportbike bike. We have kits available for Suzuki Hayabusa, GSXR 600, 750, 1000, TL1000R, Kawasaki ZX14, ZX10, ZX6, Z1000, Ninja 1000, Yamaha R1, BMW S1000RR. If you don’t see the make and model of your bike listed, give us a call and we’ll set you up.

Robert Fisher
Roaring Toyz
Sarasota Florida

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