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2009-2010 Yamaha FZ6R Lowering Links

Like all Roaring Toyz products, the FZ6R Lowering Links are machined in house at the RT Sarasota, Florida headquarters from the finest grade 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. Why does this matter to you? Because any time you tamper with the structure of your motorcycle you need to be sure you are using high quality parts that won’t fail. There are cheaper lowering links available, but imagine launching your newly lowered FZ6R only to have those lowering links break? The cost of that failure could be extreme, and the money you save on purchasing cheaper parts will be spent hundreds of times over fixing your bike, and possibly fixing yourself.

Our lowering links have been rigorously tested in house by Roaring Toyz engineers, and are proven to hold up under the most rigorous conditions including the most aggressive street, strip and track riding. Our links are designed for a perfect fit to the tightest of tolerances to work perfect on your bike.

Our Roaring Toyz FZ6R Lowering Links are the safest way to lower your FZ6R for better take offs, or to accommodate a shorter inseam. Our rear end link allows for a drop of 1.75″ from stock, measured from the rear axle straight up. It’s important to note that when lowering any bike we suggest lowering the front and rear of the bike an even amount. On the Yamaha FZ6R we suggest sliding the forks up in the trees 1.25″. When lowered evenly the bike will require the kickstand to be shorter to ensure the bike to sit sturdily and looks more attractive.

These Lowering Links Will Fit
2009 FZ6R
2010 FZ6R

Don’t Forget…..

2009-2010 Yamaha FZ6R Kickstand
You installed the RT FZ6R Lowering Links, and now your Yamaha is sitting low and mean! Don’t forget you need a shorter kickstand. Designed to complement our 1.75″ FZ6R Lowering Links, the 2009-2010 RT FZ6R kickstand is machined in house at the RT Sarasota, Florida headquarters from the finest grade 6061 T6 Aluminum Billet. Black anodized featuring a contrast cut pocket design the RT FZ6R Kickstand will ensure your Yamaha sits solid and looks great.

This Stand Will Fit:
2009 FZ6R
2010 FZ6R

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