Roaring Toyz to Sponsor the 2012 PRO Convention

February 25, 2011
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February 25, 2011 admin

Roaring Toyz to Sponsor the 2012 PRO Convention

Sarasota, FL – Robert Fisher, Owner and Founder of Roaring Toyz is very proud to announce his sponsorship of the 9th Annual 2012 PRO Convention, USA being held in Atlanta, GA from January 5 to January 8, 2012. The most prominent custom sportbike builder and manufacturer of custom sportbike parts in North America, Roaring Toyz has been heavily vested in the club community for over a decade.

Fisher could barely contain his enthusiasm over this new relationship: “For me this was an easy decision. I have been working with club members for years, customizing their bikes and manufacturing top quality, carefully engineered parts for their motorcycles. The 2011 PRO Convention blew my mind. It was well organized, well run, informative and quite frankly packed! I have major respect for the PRO Convention committee members, and their overall goals and objectives, and the least I could do was step in and sponsor their incredible efforts!”

“I am so pleased that Roaring Toyz is a 2012 PRO Convention, USA sponsor.  Roaring Toyz has demonstrated they are a company that shares in helping in the success and growth of the PRO Convention, USA” explained Ladie, PROC USA Committee member. “The PRO Convention is entering its 9th year.  With that comes hard work and dedication to continue to push forward. Having the support of a prominent motorcycle builder and manufacturer like Roaring Toyz means a lot, and I want to thank Robert for being a part of the PRO Convention team.”

One of Fisher’s goals is to work with PRO Convention members to better understand safety and customization. “I’ve spend over ten years testing and engineering parts on racebikes and turbo bikes to ensure each part features uncompromising strength, performance and durability” explained Fisher. “It breaks my heart to see riders purchasing poorly engineered parts made from sub grade material just to save money. I understand the economy makes spending money difficult, but you can’t put a price tag on your life. Cheap equals inferior, inferior means failure, and when you’re talking about parts like swingarm extensions, failure can have catastrophic results. I am not saying buy my parts, but I am saying if you can’t afford the best parts, don’t buy anything.”

As part of their sponsorship commitment, Roaring Toyz will be offering PRO Convention members a variety of exclusive discounts, and offers, as well as providing product for a variety of PRO Convention organized give aways and incentives.

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