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  Roaring Twinz started with a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide and set out to build a custom bagger with lots of style without sacrificing any of the function of the original bike. While building a custom bike to be debuted at the Thunder Beach bike rally was the primary goal of the Street Glide project, the added benefit was that it allowed Roaring Twinz to delve further into the cruiser aftermarket and get a better understanding of what custom parts are available for these bikes.

For the Street Glide project, Roaring Twinz owner Robert Fisher called on some of his suppliers that he has worked with for years in the sportbike business and also formed new alliances with companies that specialize in the custom cruiser market. Roaring Twinz wanted to replace the stock Street Glide wheels with larger diameter wheels, especially on the front. Performance Machine is a premium manufacturer of custom wheels and brakes and offers a beautiful black anodized wheel with contrasting machine cut polished sections called the Element. A 23″ Element Platinum Cut front wheel was chosen with a matching 18×5.5 rear wheel. To showcase the beautiful front wheel the stock dual rotors were replaced with a single matching 13″ Performance Machine Platinum finish rotor along with a 6 piston Performance Machine caliper. Using a higher performance single rotor brake system the bike retains similar braking performance as it did originally with the dual rotors.
In the process of changing the wheel sizes, the geometry of the bike had been modified and for the bikes handling to be retained the geometry had to brought back. To bring the rake and trail of the front suspension back in check, and make room for the larger 23″ inch front wheel Roaring Twinz installed a raked triple tree set and a drop in fork lowering kit from Progressive Suspension. The rear of the bike was lowered using an Air Dragger air ride rear suspension kit also from Progressive.

Both the foot and handle controls of the bike were replaced with aftermarket parts for different style and positioning. The handlebars were replaced with a set of black 13″ Bagger bars from Burley with a wiring extension kit. All the wires were ran internally for a clean look and the bars were finished off with a set of Roaring Twinz Stainless Steel Brake Lines and Performance Machine Grips. Both driver and passenger floorboards were replaced with Performance Machine Contour Boards. The bars, grips and floorboards were picked with black finishes to continue the theme through the bike with black components contrasting against polished and chrome parts.
  Performance Machine also offer an air intake with a faceplate in the same black Element contrast cut design as the wheels, this was an obvious choice for the Street Glide as it matched the bike perfectly and added performance. With a higher flow air intake the bike now needed a higher flow exhaust to match so a 2 into 1 Pro Pipe Exhaust from Vance and Hines was installed in a black ceramic finish. To finish off the engine performance modifications the bike was sent over to Dyno Works to have the fuel injection system tuned using a Dyno Jet Power Commander.

Next Roaring Twinz went to work on the bodywork of the Street Glide. Robert was very impressed with the overall quality and fit of the bags from Milwaukee Bagger so a set of their 4″ extended bags were installed along with a matching rear fender with integrated L.E.D. taillight and turn signals. Sinister side covers were added along with a custom 23″ front fender to match the larger diameter front wheel. To tie the whole stretched look together on the bike Roaring Twinz installed a stretched Paul Yaffee gas tank and then reshaped and recovered the stock seat to match up cleanly with the new tank and keep a lower profile. The finishing touch on the bike was a beautiful blue and white custom paint job by Ryan Hathaway.

The Street Glide is the second V-Twin to emerge from the Roaring Twinz shop and is another beautiful example of the quality of work that Robert and his crew produces. Robert has learned over the years that the key to building a quality custom bike is finding the right combination of parts and putting them together correctly. With this Street Glide project Roaring Twinz learned a lot about the Harley Davidson aftermarket and this information will become invaluable as Roaring Twinz continues to develop new parts for the V-Twin market and offering component kits and turn-key custom bikes. Check out all the details by clicking below.