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Robert Fisher and his crew at Roaring Toyz have been giving motorcycles a new identity for years. The majority of bikes that have gone through the Roaring transformation have been sportbikes, but more recently with the new Roaring Twinz division the team has been building Twin cylinder cruisers. The latest bike to emerge from the Roaring Twinz shop arrived as a Police spec Harley Davidson Road King and left as a completely custom bagger.

With a reliable engine and lots of space for accessories and storage, the Harley Davidson Road King is the motorcycle of choice for Police departments across the country. A doctor who had previously purchased custom Roaring Toyz sportbikes owned one of these Police Spec Road Kings. The bike had plenty of performance thanks to some Screamin’ Eagle engine internals but it looked a bit bland next to his other custom sportbikes. When the customer heard that Roaring Twinz was now building custom V-Twin bikes he dropped off his Road King for a makeover.

  The Road King is the perfect platform for a custom bagger build as it has a good chassis and proven powerplant. The customer asked for a black and chrome color scheme along with a long, low look. Roaring Twinz stripped the bike down to the chassis and went to work on giving the bike a different stance. The front-end of the bike was changed with a set of offset triple clamps to rake out the forks and make room for a larger diameter front wheel. Performance Machine was called on for a 23” front wheel in a chrome Rival design, and to better show the wheel the dual front brake rotors were replaced with a matching PM Rival single rotor. To retain braking performance with the single rotor a six-piston caliper was added, and to further clean up the front end the fork lowers were replaced with a set of chrome lowers featuring a single brake rotor mount and a flush mount axle. The front suspension was finished off with a set of Progressive Suspension lowering fork springs. The rear of the bike underwent a similar change to the front with a larger 18” Performance Machine rear wheel in the same matching Rival pattern as the front and lowering was taken care of with Arnott air-ride suspension.With the Road King now rolling on larger diameter wheels and sitting low the Roaring Twinz crew turned their attention to replacing the bodywork. The stock fuel tank was replaced with a wider tank from Russ Wernimont Designs along with a matching RWD seat. To give the bike a longer look, a set of Bagger Bill’s bags were added complete with a remote control solenoid system to open the lids. Next a set of custom flared side-covers were installed and the rear of the bike was finished off with a widened rear fender overlay and a frenched-in license plate bracket. At the front of the bike a stretched headlight was installed to compensate for the different angle front forks and a larger diameter front fender was added to match the 23” wheel.

A big part of achieving the desired look on this bagger was to have all the mechanical components on the bike finished in chrome and as minimalist as possible. Todds Cycle Ape Hanger bars were installed with chrome PM Elite grips, chrome switches, chrome brake master cylinder and all wires routed internally. A digital gauge from Dakota Digital was inset into the fuel tank and a set of chrome PM rider and passenger floor-boards.